STCW Modular Courses for Specialized Ships

STCW Special Training – The STCW modular courses have been developed to meet the standards of the Chapter 5: STCW Code for Special Training Requirements for Personnel on Certain Types of Ships as follows:

  • STCW V/1-1: Masters, officers and ratings on oil and chemical tankers
  • STCW V/1-2: Masters, officers and ratings on liquefied gas tankers
  • STCW V/3: Masters, Officers, Ratings and Other Personnel on Certain Types of Ship (IGF Code)
  • STCW V/4: Masters and deck officers on ships operating in polar waters (Polar Code)

There are specialist vessels that carry dangerous cargoes; in that included are, oil tankers, chemical carriers, liquefied gas carriers and LNG carriers. They require specialist training for the operations and the management level officers, as well as the crew, on most occasions. A new challenge has arisen due to ships using polar passages, which requires specialized training and ship construction and preparations to survive in that environment.

The IMO continues to introduce such new requirements based on the needs of the shipping industry and to maintain a clean sea and safe environment for shipping across the oceans.

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