Learn America is a US Coast Guard approved training school. We are authorized to run Coast Guard accredited training programs and, upon successful completion of each course, to issue certificates of completion under the authority of the Coast Guard. Learn America’s courses, curricula, learning platform and blended training methodologies have all been approved by the USCG. We have also been approved by the NY State Education Department to run an online Maritime Academy as well as to provide professional training. Through our global associations, Learn America continues to partner with higher education institutions around the world.

Cargo ship in the harbor at night

Your Merchant Marine career begins here!

Our broad selection of USCG approved training courses prepares you for a career in the maritime field. Get the required certification necessary for working on a vessel or enroll in higher-level courses to progress up the professional ladder. Learn America provides hands-on instruction from USCG licensed and approved instructors as well as blended online training.

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