Did You Know?

Northern Sea Route(NSR), which is a northern shipping lane between the pacific and Atlantic Oceans, was first navigated in its entirety by the Finnish-Swedish explorer Nordenskiold in 1878. The route is generally open during late summer and autumn and runs along the northern coast of Russia, before emptying into the Bering Strait and Pacific Ocean.

The Advanced Training for Polar Operations (Polar Code) course is designed to provide an advanced training for those mariners involved in working on vessels in polar waters as senior navigating officers.
This online course meets the standards of Table A-V/4-2 of the STCW Code. Candidates will need to additionally complete a simulator-based training to be eligible for advanced polar code endorsement. Candidates who complete this course AND take the necessary simulator training “are deemed to have fulfilled the STCW requirements and can work on vessels certified in accordance with the Polar Code.”

Course Curriculum:

Course Prerequisite: Basic Training for Polar Operations

  1. Plan and Conduct a Voyage including Reporting in Polar Waters
  2. Safe Operation of Vessels Operating in Polar Waters
  3. Knowledge of Equipment Limitations
  4. Safety of the ship’s crew and passengers

The Benefits of Learn America’s Blended/Online Industry Recognized Credentials:

  • Flexible course enrollment

  • Interactive online program proctored by industry experts

  • Affordable and convenient with volume license discounts for corporate customers

  • USCG approved certificate of completion issued upon successful program completion