Did You Know?

Training is split into theory & practical, including launching and entering a life raft, actions to be taken for self-protection in emergency situations, survival at sea and deployment of safety equipment.

This course combines classroom and in-water training to teach personnel the proper actions and survival techniques to ensure safety during an emergency evacuation/ abandonment from a vessel or offshore facility.

Any applicant who successfully completes the course will satisfy the Personal Survival Techniques training and competency requirements of STCW Code, as amended 2010, Section A-Vl/1 and 46 CFR 1 l.302(a)(l) and 46 CFR 12.602(a)(l) AND have performed all practical demonstrations as guided by the applicable section within the Basic Training NVIC 08-14. Applicants are not required to present completed record of assessment sheets when applying for the STCW endorsement.

Course Topics:

  • SOLAS and LSA Code
  •  Types of Emergencies on Ships
  •  Personal Lifesaving Equipment: Utilization and Purpose
  •  Life Saving Appliances (LSA)
  •  Liferaft Operations
  •  Signaling Equipment and Pyrotechnics
  •  Value of Training and Drills
  •  Rescue Operations and Techniques
  •  Helicopter Operations

The Benefits of Learn America’s Blended/Online Industry Recognized Credentials:

  • Flexible course enrollment

  • Interactive online program proctored by industry experts

  • Affordable and convenient with volume license discounts for corporate customers

  • USCG approved certificate of completion issued upon successful program completion