Did You Know?

The work can be physically demanding… enduring icy winds and cold rain on exposed decks during winter months… It can involve descending ladders and pulling ropes wearing protective gears. Working on a commercial vessel of any kind is hard work. But for the adventure at sea and an average salary of $50,421 per year, it all works out well for a young recruit.

This course trains candidates involved in navigation at the support level. To prepare for this role, they will:

  • learn to steer the ship and also comply with helm orders in the English language,
  • learn to keep a proper look-out by sight and hearing,
  • contribute to monitoring and controlling a safe watch,
  • learn Rules of the Road,
  • operate emergency equipment,
  • apply emergency procedures, and
  • contribute to the handling of cargo and stores.

This course also incorporates the following competence requirement:

  • Table A-II/4 of STCW 2010, as amended, and
  • NVIC 06-14.

Candidates who successfully complete this course will satisfy the written examination and demonstration of ability requirements of 46 CFR 12.405(b) for any Able Seaman endorsement.  This has 2 course units; Q450-Navigation and Rules of the Road and Q451-Deck General Safety

Course unit: Q450-Navigation and Rules of the Road

  1. Nautical Terms
  2. Navigational Compasses
  3. Operation and Function of Launching Devices
  4. International and Inland regulations for vessels lights and sound signals
  5. Aids to navigation

Course unit: Q451-Deck General Safety

  1. Pollution Laws and Regulations
  2. Pollutions Prevention and Control
  3. Procedures for discharge, containment and cleanup of sludge and waste from cargo and fueling operations
  4. Marlinspike Seamanship
  5. Deck Machinery and Ground Tackle
  6. Anchoring Procedures
  7. Emergency Towing
  8. Man Overboard
  9. Fire Prevention and Firefighting
  10. Lifesaving Appliances
  11. Care of survivors

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