Did You Know?

Queen Mary 2, has twenty-two lifeboats which can carry 150 people per boat. There are also sixty life rafts, which can carry 37 people per raft, plus two fast rescue crafts. Queen Mary 2 carries 4400 people(3108 passengers and 1,292 crew). can all be rescued at sea in case of an emergency?

The objectives of this course are to make the trainee:

  • Competent to operate life-saving appliances and take charge of survival craft or a rescue boat during or after launch
  • Able to operate a survival craft engine
  • Able to manage survivors and survival craft after abandoning ship
  • Able to know the correct use of locating devices, communication and signaling apparatus and pyrotechnics
  • Able to apply first aid to survivors and the actions to take to preserve the life of those in their charge

This course satisfies the following requirements:

  • Proficiency in Survival Craft as mandated by 1995 STCW Convention, and
  • IMO STCW 1995, Competences Section A-VI/2 and Table A-VI/2-1

Course Curriculum:

Liferafts and Rescue Boat required Equipment

  1. Liferaft and Rescue Boat essential parts
  2. Operation and Function of Launching Devices
  3. Launching/Recovery
  4. Maneuvering Commands and Procedures
  5. Personal Survival Equipment
  6. Distress Signals
  7. Signals to Attract Attention
  8. EPIRB
  9. SARTS
  10. Survival at Sea
  11. Passenger Crew Safety
  12. Lifesaving Appliance Regulations

Medical Care

  1. First Aid


  1. Marlinspike Seamanship
  2. Compass: Operation and Maintenance

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