Did You Know?

Apx. 5,500 towing vessels and 31,000 barges comprise the US domestic fleet. These vessels provide job and career opportunities for more than 50,000.

The Subchapter M regulations which affects thousands of vessels across the US maritime industry went into effect in July 2019.  All companies operating towing vessels must have a Certificate of Inspection from the USCG for 100% of their fleet being inspected by July 19th, 2022.

Successful completion of the Crewmember Program for Towing Vessels – Subchapter M (On-Line) course will satisfy the Subchapter M training requirements of 46 CFR 140.505, 515,645 and 915 for Towing Vessels.

Course Curriculum:

Lifesaving and Firefighting On Tugs:

Intro to Lifesaving and Firefighting on Tugs, Lifesaving, Fire Protection

Towing Vessel Operations:

Intro to Towing vessel operations, Operation of Tugboats, Equipment and tools on tugs, Hazards and Handling of Dangerous Chemicals, Vessel Stability

Safety of Navigation on Tugs:

Safety of navigation and towing vessel operations, Safe Working Practices, Safety of Navigation

Sub-M and Towing Safety Management Crewmember Program for Towing Vessels:

Towing Safety Management System, Manning and Licensing Requirements for Tugboats, Tug Construction and Machinery Arrangements

The Benefits of Learn America’s Blended/Online Industry Recognized Credentials:

  • Flexible course enrollment

  • Interactive online program proctored by industry experts

  • Affordable and convenient with volume license discounts for corporate customers

  • USCG approved certificate of completion issued upon successful program completion