About Us


With a fresh approach to teaching necessary skills, Learn America is the creation of a group of educators who believe that the United States can mentor and produce an even larger number of great scientists, technology experts, engineers, and mathematicians.

With this in mind, educators from Scarsdale High School, one of the country’s leading school districts, and SUNY Purchase, a major New York State research institution and academic partner with expertise in science and math, joined with experts in the field of educational technology to design a user-friendly, comprehensive resource for students and teachers. The Learn America courses cover high school and college level mathematics and science materials and provide continuity in format, adaptable tools, and programs to reach students at all levels, thus creating a pipeline of students, who are interested in science and math and are prepared for a STEM-related career opportunity.

Learn America’s team recognized the dilemma of technology replacing textbooks and the need for subject-specific STEM resources. This led to the creation of a unique program that provides rich course content and assessments in mathematics and the sciences and blends technology with the traditional classroom setting. Students and teachers can easily navigate content materials and customize them for individual pacing and learning modalities. Each course includes animated video demonstrations, as well as formative and summative assessments offering analytic feedback for diagnostic progress and student success. Additionally, teachers can track students’ progress and time-on-task, thus making students more responsible and accountable for their work outside the classroom. The content of these courses is aligned with College Board Standards and when appropriate, can be taken for College credit.

Learn America is recognized by New York State as an Online Academy and is an authorized CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education) provider for newly certified educators and teaching assistants in NYS. Learn America offers educators the enhanced math and science expertise needed for teaching a STEM curriculum. Educators earn continuing education, undergraduate or graduate credit, via Learn America’s blended online courses that include mentoring and collegial collaboration. Educator resources include web-based STEM resources, coursework, classroom activities and teaching resources K-12 that are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and the New York State Science Learning Standards. The Learn America’s approach is integrating a hands-on approach to teaching STEM curriculum utilizing a blended environment.

Learn America helps students learn STEM concepts by engaging in experiments that demonstrate real-world situations in preparation for the jobs of tomorrow.  By integrating STEM content, Learn America is helping students and educators support workforce development and economic growth.

We also provide personalized career pathways through accredited certification courses with college and industry partners. We focus on offering skill-based training and job-centric certification courses. Learn America is a New York State recognized Online Academy that offers a wide array of learning content, animated videos, and explanations of conceptual and complicated topics in STEM education. We have over 20,000 students enrolled with our global partners. We provide fully configured and personalized learning material and assessment tools to help students pursue a STEM career pathway.

Learn America is proud to present a forward-thinking, powerful STEM learning, experiential approach to how teachers can more successfully deliver quality mathematics and science to students of all abilities that will lead to success!