Who We Are


Learn America believes in the pedagogical evolution, which includes on-line resources and methodologies to bring Blended Learning into schools and higher education institutions. With Blended Learning, students receive exceptional education experiences and learning outcomes, benefiting from both traditional in-class lessons as well as high quality on-line training. Online courseware allows the student to learn at their own pace, path or place.  We work towards bringing all of the issues under one 21st-century pedagogy and improve student learning outcomes in the process.

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Learn America differs from the MOOC movement, which has evolved from videotaped classroom lectures. Learn America’s online courses are animated videos and virtual laboratories that explain difficult to understand mathematical and scientific (STEM) concepts delivered at the student’s own pace, augmented by examples, demonstrations and self-assessment tools that better help the student test his or her understanding of the material.

Learn America’s learning portal encourages peer/educator collaboration through the use of video or electronic communication. And because we believe in a “blended” form of learning and a “flipped class” concept, a face-to-face component will always be essential.

In creating the best experience possible for educators and students, we are always mindful of the varying needs institutions have and are committed to consulting with them to understand how we can best support them.

About Us

With a fresh approach to teaching necessary skills, Learn America is the creation of a group of educators who believe that the United States can produce great scientists, technology experts, engineers and mathematicians.

Our Partners

Learn America brings over 10 years in partnering with Global Higher Education and Business Partners. Purchase College, SUNY 
Learn America partners with Purchase College to bring supplemental mathematics…

Our Philosophy

There is no substitute for a teacher’s experience, guidance, inspiration, passion, and support. Teachers are an integral part of the learning process. Current technology has proven that it too can play a beneficial role in a ..