Our Philosophy


There is no substitute for a teacher’s experience, guidance, inspiration, passion, and support. Teachers are an integral part of the learning process. Current technology has proven that it too can play a beneficial role in a student’s academic development. Blended learning is an integrated educational experience which combines teacher-led instruction with online learning content. The online component gives students greater control with the ability to study at their optimal learning times, pace and locations. By bringing these methodologies together Learn America believes students receive enhanced comprehension and an expanded knowledge base broadening their pathway to academic success.

Experiential Learning Model


Learn America’s online courses have been developed and designed with Kolb’s 4 stage experiential student-centric learning cycle in mind. Through Learn America’s e-content students review assigned curriculum and follow lessons and topics at their own pace. Animated video explanations and sample problems helps students visualize each topic. Formative quizzes along the way provide immediate meaningful analysis of their level of comprehension. Post analysis, students are given the opportunity to revisit areas of weakness or proceed to the next lesson. Conceptual reinforcement is provided through instructor and peer forum interactions as needed. All of these experiences take place in a cyclical manner with multiple entry-points and we believe lead to greater comprehension and achievement.